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Our goal is to simplify the medical billing process and improve efficiencies to ultimately increase revenues for our clients.
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Welcome to Curoms.com

Curo Management Solution offers practice specific medical billing solutions. We offer revenue management solutions that can reduce operational costs and increase your bottom-line. Our services are highly secure and we are thoroughly HIPAA compliant.

Our strategic focus on the healthcare industry provides us with domain expertise and best practices that help our clients to -

Reduce payroll & operational costs.
Boost revenues & maximize shareholder value.
Improved patient and physician satisfaction.
Reduce staffing issues and training time.
Maximize efficiencies and economies of scale.
Improve business service levels.

While we are focused on setting up and managing a high-quality operation, we are also keenly focused on being an ‘intelligent’ business processes outsourcing partner. Our state of the art infrastructure , superior talent and unflinching focus on quality continually strives to enhance value for its clients.

Our Passion

At CUROMS innovation is our guiding principle. With a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world we are constantly looking for innovative solutions which will enable us to deliver an increased value and support to our customers.

We take pride in our ability to anticipate and take advantage of any future events. This forward looking approach has prepared us to face challenges of a changing business and competitive environment.

Our passion to serve our customers in every possible way and always try to exceed the expectations of our customer is the driving force behind our guiding principle of Innovation.

Our Values

We capitalize on our strengths by embracing the following values:

Honor our commitments each time every time.
Anticipate ideas and trends not just follow them.
Identify leaders and help them realize their potential.
Create an environment to ensure work is fun and engaging.
Value Feedback and opinion of our employees and customers.
Develop expertise and apply it to uniquely benefit our customers.
Working together to achieve more with high performance at all levels.
Recognize and fulfill our responsibilities to the communities around us.
Stay passionate about succeeding and celebrate each other's success.
Treat everyone with respect and as equals while appreciating value differences.

Our People

At CUROMS, people are our key resource. Our Personnel strategy focuses on recruiting, nurturing, deploying and retaining high quality talent to ensure maximum impact on project and services.

Our Strategy Focuses On:

› Recruitment and retaining talent with relevant skills, knowledge and experience.
› Deploying the right people to the right project to deliver maximum value to our customers.
› Huge investments in training, learning and domain knowledge to enable employees to sharpen and refine skills.

profile of webdesign company chennai